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How can we make it easy?

“If you want to find your home in Greece, we help you to find it and then we work with you until the final agreement” EcoExpert team is here always for you.

We search for the house and provide legal consulting and engineering services, we prepare costs for the contract and we give you a total cost for the renovation.


And then the Ecoexpert team will :

  1. send you pictures with the right house or houses for you
  2. arrange a meeting.
  3. have an agreement with the owner about any special needs
  4. draft an arrangement to give you all the essential detail about the contract
  5. check all legal and engineering aspects
  6. facilitate the signing of the contract


  • You earn time as you are going to be here just to see the house and sign the contract.


Our fee comes of it at the end and ONLY when you will find your home.


  • Many satisfied cilents have written about us:


  • Many projects are down exclusively by our team.


Thank you for considering us.

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