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Real Estate

Visit our website and find your dreamhouse. We have a huge variety of houses that can accomondate your every need,  and the most competative market prices.

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Looking to get a European Visa? Let us help you by covering your needs, from finding your property to speed tracking all the paperwork.

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Our goal

Our main goal is to be  the bridge for many people to renovate or find the home of their dreams.


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Our services dont just stop at finding a place you can call home,or by having our team of engineering experts which can also help you fully renovate or restore your home. We also have a team of lawyers and notaries that can officiate and finalize details in no time and with ease.

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Not sure if you would want to live in Greece? What better way than to try it out by staying in a fully furniced house in the heart of the city without having to pay hotel fees, nothing beats a warm enviroment. Come and visit our available apartments.

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We have a wide variety of equipment that will help reduce your enviromental footprint and also help you save alot from that monthly electricity bill.

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I suggest doing business with this company without any doubt in my mind because I have seen firsthand the hard work and dedication they put through making me a happy customer. The level of communication and availability was something that left me amazed (email and phone contact 24/7).

Xaralampos Papadakis

Nautical Enginner Company Inc.


My passion for environmental protection and to give back to society where the common cornerstone for the creation of a business like this one EcoExpert in July of 2009. The companies main business focus where in autonomous green houses. Then the program for solar panel plan for houses kai solar farming plan for farmers allowed us to turn a theory into action.

Then the program “Saving at home” came to be a welcome addition to our business plan and services, which mainly had a focus for upgrading the energy requirements for older built houses.

Said program allowed the owners of apartments to renovate and either sell or rent their apartments. That’s when the next phase of work started in the field of property owning with us upgrading our services, making us a real estate agency. The meticulous effort in hard work and respect for what we do made us into one of the most reliable companies in the market.


Goal accomplishment 85%

Organization 95%

Project deliverance 98%

Satisfied customers 85%


Let’s start from the beginning. It all started from my love and empathy for nature and the environment. From my pre-studies I chose to follow a social economy path. My journey to success began in 2007 with my involvement in environmental  law in the financial law and politics of school of the University of Athens. My main focus is to contribute for the common good through environmental protection.

I continued to educate and fill my educational arsenal with 2 masters in natural resource management and sustainable development as well as European law – The Aarhus Convention.

After a small time pasted I concluded in the private sector at the field of Renewable energy.

 I have to thank a lot clients and partners which have contributed in a vast majority of ways to sculpt my business acumen and personal growth.


Best Regards and wishes,

Konstantina Mpimpa

Environmentalist  MSc MA



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