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Real Estate

A huge variety of houses that can accomondate many different needs in the most competative market prices. Most of our properties are in our private portofolio and you can ask to send them by email, according to your priorities. Some of them are published in our website, please check our link. 

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Residence Permit

Covering all process to buy a house in Greece and issue your residence permit. Many different options for choosing the right house are at your disposal. Our law and notary services team will accomplish all the process for you in the quickest way. For more details, please check below.

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Renovation Services

Engineering team help you with all the details to renovate your new or old home in a modern way. We expodite full renovations with modern baths and kitchens which makes all  the difference in a house as well as the aluminum frames and the flooring. Find all the details for the equipment that you are going to establish in our eshop. Please check below. 

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I suggest doing business with Mrs Mpimpa's company without any doubt in my mind because I have seen firsthand the hard work and dedication they put through making me a happy customer. The level of communication and availability was something that left me amazed (email and phone contact 24/7).

Xaralampos Papadakis

Nautical Enginner

I strongly suggest that you work with Mrs. Mpimpa and her team. They perform brokerage mediation deals with great success and speed, with a new and integrated approach. They have supported me through all the process and until the final purchase agreement.

Zaxarias Zaxariou



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Goal accomplishment 90%

Organization 95%

Project deliverance 98%


EcoExpert was established in July 2009 from Konstantina Mpimpa in the age of 25,5 years old. It all started from being passionate of ecology and making ecohouses. Environmental protection and the willingness to give back to society where the common cornerstones for the creation of a business like this. At that time the company's main aspect was creating autonomous green houses. The govermental program for solar panels for homes and solar farming plan for farmers were the main contributors of growth for EcoExpert.

Another programm that helped EcoExpert succeed was the “Saving at home” programm. This programm mainly had a focus for upgrading the energy requirements for older built houses. This program allowed the owners of apartments to renovate their apartments in an eco way.

The next phase of work started in the field of property, when the satisfied clients asked to sell or rent their ecorenovated homes. So a new aspect began in EcoExpert with providing real estate services to our old satisfied customers.

The meticulous effort and hard work with respect to people makes all the difference in real estate market the last two years now and hopefully many more.


It all started from my love and empathy for nature and the environment. From my pre-studies I chose to follow a social economy path. My main focus is to contribute for the common good through environmental protection in buildings and houses.

I studied political sciences and public administration in University of Athens and filled my educational arsenal with 2 masters. One master is in natural resource management and sustainable development and the second in european environmental right– The Aarhus Convention.

After a small time pasted I concluded in the private sector at the field of Renewable energy.

In 2009 my big dream of making my own business came true with the establishment of  EcoExpert.

After 8 years from then i continue to make my  dream grow through hard work and innovation.

I have to thank a lot my clients and partners that have stucked by me all these years.

Hope all together to make a small improvement in our planet.

Best Regards and wishes,

Konstantina Mpimpa

Environmentalist  MSc MA

Real Estate Agent


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